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Vein Probe
(Desk type)
  • A vein finder to show images
    of the blood vessels in real-time
  • • Reveals the location and pattern of the blood vessels
  • • Non-invasive infrared detection technology makes it safe and hygienic
  • • Can be used for infants elderly and emergency patients, etc
South Korea patent (10-0823886)
/ U.S. patent (US 8,467,857 )

Optimized for IV and blood sampling

• Ready to use built-in operation system for fast and easy operation
• Optimized design for maximum utilizatiom of space
• Easy installation and transport
• Patents and Certification

Probe Target
Subcutaneous blood vessels of various patients (including capillaries)
Probe Method
Non-invasive infrared technology
Probe Depth
Within 10 mm under the skin
Magnification Function
Up to 1 X, 2 X and 4 X
Automatic Adjustment Function
Adjusts the brightness automatically based on the targeted vein
Specialized Light Function
Shows the veins more clearly by using the specialized light source
Operation Method
Easy to operate with touchscreen
Internal Battery Support
Continuous running time: 1.5 hours
Blood Collection
Intravenous Injection
Enables to perform promptly
the necessary treatments and
procedures for the patients
Enables to choose the right
blood vessel based on
the real time video of
the blood vessel
Helps prevent repetitive and
wrong injections
Enables to pause the image
to remember the image of blood vessles
before the treatment
Can be used with various
patients such as infants
and obese patients regardless of
the color of their skin
Bright tone
Mid tone
Dark tone
Angle Adjustable Arm Part

Following the patient’s body part to be observed or patient’s location, the angle of arm part can be properly adjustable

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