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[iiSM Inc.] Great results from Jordan visit
I'm Tom from iiSM Inc.

Last week, I and Jed(Global business Team Leader) visited in Jordan from 30th to 1th July to support and have a meeting with our Jordan partner.
The name of the company is JANA Medical. They have specialized in distributing medical device in Jordan.

We visited in the pediatric, hospital and lab for sclerotherapy and had demonstrations.
At the pediatric hospital, Vein Probe easily detected infant's blood vessels which nurses cannot find with their own eyes.
Regardless of age, gender and skin color, Vein Probe shows clearest images comparing to other vein detecting machines.

What a interesting point is they have a Vein Viewer which is one of our competitors and they want to compare two products in order to determine which one is more better.
It is a special chance to how Vein Probe shows the clear images comparing to Vein Viewer.
After the comparison, they certainly agreed Vein Probe shows more clear and accurate images than Vein Viewer.
We guarantee Vein Probe has best image quality and accuracy in this field.

We also had a demonstration to the specialist for sclerotherapy and dermatologist.
Sclerotherapy is a procedure used to treat blood vessels or blood vessel malformations (vascular malformations) and also those of the lymphatic system. A medicine is injected into the vessels, which makes them shrink.
He said that if he does the treatment with Vein Probe, he can find very thin blood vessels which can not see his own eyes easily. It is the proof that Vein probe can be used in the various field.
In addition, dermatologist also admitted the exceptional image quality of Vein Probe and especially the ability to detect the facial vein.

We want to thank for everything our partners did for us during our visit.
We hope this visit would be the milestone of our long-term partnership.

I wish your continuous support. :D


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