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[iiSM Inc.] Visit in UAE for demo and meeting with partners
I'm Tom from iiSM Inc.
Last week, I and Jed(Global business Team Leader) visited in UAE from 28th to 29th June to support our UAE partner and have a meeting with another partner.

The name of the company is Professionals Rgulatory Affairs LLC, which has been in medical device distribution field for more than 10 years.
They specialized in distributing not only medical devices but also Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare product, and Cosmetics.

During the visit, the demonstrations proceeded at dermatology where specializes in aesthetic and hospital.

Especially for the dermatologist, Vein Probe is the best product which can help aesthetic and plastic treatments.
After the demonstration with his patients and nurses, he entirely agreed that if he has a Vein Probe, he doesn't need to worry about mis-poking and mis-injecting.
Also, comparing to other company's products such as Vein Viewer and Accuvein, he was fully satisfied with exceptional image quality.
He wanted to have a demonstration several times so our partner will visit in this dermatology and have more promotions.

In addition, In the hospital, we also had a positive response from nurses and phlebotomist.
They said Vein Probe shows high-quality images of blood vessels and has exceptional accuracy.
Also, They thought it will be truly helpful for the patients who suffer from several needle pokings.

In the second day, we had a meeting with our another partner who is dealing with Oman, Bahrain, Qatar.
He wants to distribute Vein Probe in the dermatology and plastic surgery field. For this reason, he focused on how Vein Probe can show the facial vein clearly during the demonstration.
After testing the Vein Probe, he entirely satisfied with the clear image of facial vein which Vein Probe showed.

We want to thank for everything our partners did for us during our visit.
We hope this visit would be the milestone of our long-term partnership.

I wish your continuous support. :D


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