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[iiSM Inc.] TDA exhibition in Taiwan
I'm Tom Lee from iiSM Inc. :D

We hope you have a great day.

There is 'TDA' exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan from 5th to 6th May, which is an annual meeting of Taiwanese Dermatological Association. The famous dermatologists in the world attend this annual meeting to follow the latest trend in dermatology.

I and Jason Han (Marketing Team Leader) visited Taiwan to support our Taiwan partner who participated in TDA.

Our partner name is YI CHENG BIOTECH CO., LTD., and they are specialized in distributing dermatology device in Taiwan market.
Before moving to the Taipei for the exhibition, We had a training session for the sales team at the Tai Cheung, Taiwan office.

During the TDA, many dermatologists had visited our booth and all of them are surprised by Vein Probe’s ability to detecting the facial veins.
With Vein Probe, doctors can do the treatment without mistake and It can make patients feel comfortable.

Especially they had a huge interest in a combination of VP-C and Vufine(glasses).
Wearing this glasses, doctors can see the location of facial vein and syringe simultaneously even they don't see the screen, so they don’t need to worry about injecting the chemical into the vein.

Through this exhibition, we can clarify the fact that Vein Probe becomes more competitive in the various field and overseas market.

We want to appreciate again for everything our partners have done for us during our visit and we are sincerely looking forward to building a long-term partnership with them.

I will keep posting about the result from my visits.
I wish your continuous support. :)

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