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[iiSM Inc.] Great impression for vein probe from Egypt
From 27th to 31st August, Jed(Global Business Team Leader) visited Egypt to support our Exclusive distributor in Egypt, Virgin Med CO.
Virgin Med CO. is a company that manufactures catheters and syringes, medical latex gloves.

Currently, the market in Egypt is dominated by Accuvein and Pluto Vein, but Pluto Vein is negative due to poor quality.

During the visit, they had visited several private hospitals in Egypt. They did the demonstration in pediatrics, Emergency room, and Lab. All doctors admitted that Vein Probe shows the clear image on the screen and has an accuracy comparing to Pluto Vein and Accuvein.
All of the hospitals were happy with the demo results and will discuss the purchase later. with our partner.
In addition, our partners are trying to entering military hospitals.

We sincerely appreciate everything our partner done for Jed during his visit and We sincerely look forward to having great results from the military side.

I will keep posting about the result from our visits.


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