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[iiSM Inc.] Participation in MD&M East 2018
Hello, I'm Tom Lee from iiSM Inc.

We hope everything is fine with you.

Recently, we participated in MD&M East held in Jacob Javis Convention Center in New York from 12nd to 14th.
MD&M East is the largest and longest-running MedTech event on the East Coast of USA.

On behalf of iiSM Inc., I’d like to show my sincere gratitude for visitor's sincere interest during MD&M East.

During the exhibition, many visitors agreed that Vein Probe has the clearest images among the vein detecting devices.
Especially, the medical professionals were entirely satisfied with the exceptional image quality of Vein Probe.
They agreed that Vein Probe will be very useful for the patients who suffer from continuous needle pokings.

We found new contacts which want to establish a new business relationship. Also, we learned more about customer's needs and a new direction for developing our products.
The most important point we had by participating in the exhibition is checking our market feasibility in U.S.
After using Vein Probe, many visitors who are related to the medical field in U.S want to use Vein Probe in their own hospitals and labs.

By the way, we have a fascinating news.
We will participate in FIME 2018 in Orlando, U.S from 17th to 19th.
Your presence will do us great honor and we are looking forward to seeing you.

I will keep posting about the result from my visits. :D


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