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[iiSM Inc.] Second visit in Costa Rica

I'm Tom Lee from iiSM Inc. :D

There is an exclusive distributor in Costa Rica and they had requested us to support the additional demonstration.
I and Jed(Global Business Team Leader) visited there again to support them.

Our exclusive distributor in Costa Rica is CICADEX, S.A. founded in 1982, which has sold various material concerning the athletic field.
CICADEX, S.A. is planning to expand their work to the medical field recently.

During our visit, we had demonstrations four times in the hospital.
All medical professionals thought that Vein Probe is certainly helpful for finding veins which can’t see with the eye such as baby and elder people's one.
They also thought the quality of images and accuracy are incomparable with other vein detectors.

Lastly, we had a training session for the sales team of our partner.

Through this visit, we are glad to hear that Vein Probe was recognized as the exceptional one among the competitors.

We keenly appreciate everything CICADEX S.A. done for us during our visit.

I wish your continuous support. :D


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