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[iiSM Inc.] Participation in CMEF 2019


I am Chloe from iiSM Inc. :)


We participated in CMEF 2019 held in Shanghai, China from 14th to 17th last month following the last participation.

我们参加了这个月14日至17日在中国上海举办的CMEF 2019。

First of all,


We consider our participation in CMEF 2019 to be our success and thanks to you the number of visitors exceeded all our expectations.

我们认为参加CMEF 2019是我们的成功。谢谢你们,访问者数超出了我们的期望。

Many visitors from various countries visited our booth and show positive feedback in our flagship, Vein Probe.

许多来自世界各国的访问者参观了我们的展位并对我们旗舰,Vein Probe给了反馈。

All of the feedback from you was invaluable to us and it will be greatly helpful for our future development.


I will come back with another good news soon.



Chloe Kim
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