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[iiSM Inc.] Starting 2019 with the good news from Indonesia
Hello. Everyone.

Happy new year!
We sincerely wish the prosperity will be always with you. :)

As the first post in 2019, we prepared the news you might feel interested in.

On 8th January, one of our representative, Mr. Jed Zo, visited the headquarter of PT. SERENITY INDONESIA which has been exclusively in charge of Vein Probe in the Indonesian market.
Our partnership has been started from MEDICA 2017 and kept with a strong mutual trust until now.

Jed's visiting schedule was composed of the "Training session of Vein Probe" and "Meeting for the future partnership".

In the first schedule, people who are going to sell our device in each region of Indonesia participated.
They were highly satisfied with our device and felt confident to get a successful result in their regions because of the accurate images shown by Vein Probe.

In the second schedule, we had time to share the Indonesian customers' feedback which has been gathered during 2018.
Also, we mutually agreed to renew the current agreement by 2025.

We sincerely hope that a successful story will be coming soon from Indonesia.
Wish both iiSM Inc. and PT. SERENITY INDONESIA best luck :)

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