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[iiSM Inc.] Good result from Israel
[iiSM Inc.] Good result from Israel

Recently, Jed(Global Business Team Leader) visited Israel as a request from Novis Medical Group.
Jed and Novis Medical Group met in France in June.
A brief introduction to the Novis Medical Group, they are based on Israel and have a branch in France. They are manufacturing and selling dental products.

During the visit, They had a meeting with renowned doctors and medical professionals to discuss the Vein Probe.

In fact, the Israeli market is the low awareness on the part of the blood detector and prefer to using China products.

After the demonstration with doctors, they entirely agreed that Vein Probe has exceptional image quality and accuracy comparing to China products.
They were satisfied with Vein Probe and they will give feedback on the product after using the product for a certain period of time.

The representative who in charge of Vein Probe business will introduce the Vein Probe in Africa based on the network of doctors without borders.

We sincerely appreciate everything Novis Medical done for Jed during his visit and We sincerely look forward to having great results from the future demonstrations.

I will keep posting about the result from our visits.


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