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[iiSM Inc.] Good result from Kuwait
I'm Tom Lee from iiSM Inc. :D

We hope you have a great day.

I and Jed(Global Business Team Leader) visited Kuwait from 19th to 21st May in order to support the demonstration in Kuwait.
The name of our partner is Collagen company and they are specialized in distributing the hypersonic and laser machine concerning the skin care field.

We had visited two hospitals during our visit.
At the first hospital, we showed Vein Probe to hospital representatives and pediatric nurses and all of them was fully agreed and satisfied with Vein Probe's high-quality images and technology.
This hospital wanted to demonstrate our product and our partner made a schedule for them.

At the second hospital, we had had a presentation and demonstration for the nurses.
all of the nurses were satisfied with the exceptional image quality of Vein Probe and were willing to use Vein Probe when they do the blood taking and IV injection in the near future.

Through this visit, we can double-check that Vein Probe becomes more competitive and is recognized in the vein detecting device market.

We want to thank for everything our Kuwait partner did for us during his visit.
We hope this visit would be helpful both of us and be the first step of our long-term partnership.

I wish your continuous support. :D


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