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[iiSM Inc.] Visit in Vietnam for demonstration
I'm Tom Lee from iiSM Inc. :D

From 1st May to 3rd May, I and Jason Han(Marketing Team Leader) visited Vietnam.
We had a meeting with one Vietnamese company, IME Technology Service & Trading Co., Ltd,.
During the meeting, we briefly introduced our company to them and how to use Vein Probe.

IME Technology Service & Trading Co., Ltd has been distributing various medical device throughout Vietnam for 7 years.
They are concentrating on sales in Hanoi at this moment and planning to expand their business toward Ho Chi Minh in the near future.

After the meeting, we visited one local hospital in order to check the performance of Vein Probe.

The demonstration was proceeded at the surgery room where one patient who has suffered from continuous injection failure because of low heart pressure and lack of blood are.
With Vein Probe, the medical professionals can finally succeed in injecting needle to this patient.

The medical professionals at the hospital were satisfied with the exceptional image quality of Vein Probe.
They agreed that Vein Probe will be very useful for the patients who have a hard time in finding veins before the injection treatment.

We think this visit is another proof of the high quality and usefulness Vein Probe has.

Lastly, we really appreciate everything IME Technology Service & Trading Co., Ltd did for us.
We hope this visit will be the milestone of our long-term partnership for Vietnam market.

I will come back with the result of the upcoming visit to Taiwan.

I wish your continuous support. :)


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