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[iiSM Inc.] Latest News from Pakistan
I am Jed from iiSM Inc. :)

It's been a long time since our last post.
I hope you all have been well.

Last week, I and Tom Lee(Customer Support Team Leader) visited Pakistan in order to support our Pakistan Exclusive Distributor's demonstrations.

Please allow me to introduce our Pakistan partner briefly before getting to the point.
The name of Pakistan partner is Alpha Evolution, of which the head office is located in Islamabad, Pakistan.
They have been in Pakistan medical market for over 7 years, not to mention the broad connection with many leading people in their market

At Arab Health 2018(February 2018), we met each other first time.
They were one of the most passionate visitors who wanted to make the Exclusive Distribution Agreement with us.
This was the start of our partnership and we visited them after making the Exclusive Distribution Agreement with them in order to make their promotion in Pakistan more successful.

The demonstrations were proceeded at various hospitals, institutes and laboratories.
All medical professionals showed us positive responses at the demonstrations.
Thanks to their reactions, we became more motivated and this lead us to have the most rewarding week in April.

Especially, the medical professionals were deeply satisfied with the exceptional image quality of Vein Probe.
They admitted that Vein Probe will be very useful for finding veins of the patients who suffer from continuous needle pokings.
Also, they were impressed with the accurate detecting technology of Vein Probe when young patients' veins were shown on the Vein Probe.

Through our visit, our Pakistan partner became more convinced that they can get the successful result from sales of Vein Probe in their local market.
We were also pleased that we had an opportunity to make our partnership become stronger.

From this post, we want to thank again for everything our Pakistan partner did for us during our visit.
We are sincerely looking forward to building long-term partnership with them.

From May, I will visit several countries to support our local distributors.
I will keep posting about the result from my visits.
I wish your continuous support. :)


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