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[iiSM Inc.] Participation in KIMES 2018
I am Jed from iiSM Inc.

We participated in KIMES 2018 held in Coex, Seoul, from 15th to 18th this month..
It was our great pleasure to receive visitors' sincere support and interest.
On behalf of iiSM Inc, I am very grateful for all visitors.

We were glad to realize that many visitors admitted and agreed that Vein Probe shows the most accurate images of all vein detecting devices.

In this exhibition, most of visitors were from Asian countries.
They were especially interested in VPism-C because it is very useful to find facial veins.
Plastic surgeons and distributors who came to our booth admited one important point.
It is the point that they can proceed the treatment more safely if they use VPism-C to find facial veins before the treatment.

Also, our new product(BPism) was exhibited.
BPism is a medical device which gives blood flow information by analyzing blood vessel images.
Since it needs time for us to officially release BPism, we are going to keep updating news about BPism.

Before I end this post, I'd like to tell you a good news.
We recently made the Exclusive Distribution Agreement with several companies from Middle East Asia.
As a way of supporting our distributors, we are planning to visit them this month and help their demonstration.
Please expect our next post.

We wish your continuous support.


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