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[iiSM Inc.] For the safe plastic surgery, Vein Probe is the Answer
I am Jed from iiSM Inc.

I am back with another good news.
We are very pleased to have a chance to inform you of this news.

On 3rd December, the 8th IA3M(International Association of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine) Conference was held at Melia Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel in Shanghai, China.

The IA3M was established in 2014, aiming for sharing of the latest ‘semi-invasive’ and ‘minimally invasive’ technology(knowledge) which helps patients to get less side effects and more natural and effective result caused from plastic surgery.
The IA3M have collaborated with IMCAS(International Master Course on Aging Science), AMWC(Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress) and FACE (Facial Aesthetic Conference and Exhibition) in order to make superior treatment skills and medical devices widespread.

Our product, Vein Probe, can be usefully applied into the plastic surgery field.
Vein Probe shows even thin veins, capillaries, on the display in real time.
Through this accuracy, the medical professionals can find and avoid the facial veins with Vein Probe before or while the surgery.

Based on our strong point, Vein Probe was introduced as the latest technology which can help minimize the side effects and prevent the medical accidents.
It becomes obvious that Vein Probe is getting admitted as a device or technology which makes plastic surgery safer.
We hope Vein Probe will become more popular in Chinese plastic surgery market from this opportunity.

Since Vein Probe is getting more popular in this market, we are looking forward to posting you another good news.

Then, I will be back with the next post soon.
I wish your continuous support.


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