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[iiSM Inc.] Participation in MEDICA 2017
Hello. I am Jed from iiSM Inc.
Following our previous post, this post is about our participation in MEDICA 2017 last week.

From before the exhibition started, we have been looking forward to seeing visitors' response when they see our landmark, Vein Probe, at our booth.

After the exhibition started, we can see that a lot of visitors visited our booth and showed their passionate feedback, which is similar to what we already saw at other exhibition.
Thanks to their responses, we can introduce our product joyfully and finish the show as a big success.

Many visitors got impressed by the distinguished image quality of Vein Probe, comparing Vein Probe between other competitors.
Especially, I cannot forget that visitors from European countries were, unexpectedly, very interested in the aesthetic and plastic surgery field.

Some of them even showed their interest through the way of purchasing our product onsite.

Since we hoped we can build a long-term business partnership with them through this opportunity, we promised that we may visit them if they need a training for the proper use of Vein Probe.

Though there is still a lot to say, I will stop here for now.

From MEDICA 2017, we can have a precious chance to hear visitors' opinion and check that our product, Vein Probe, is competitive in the vein detecting device market.

On behalf of iiSM Inc. I'd like to show my sincere gratitude to all visitors.
Your all feedback was worthwhile to us and will be a big help for our development.

In order to get dominance in the vein detecting device market sooner or later, we will always do our best.

We wish your continuous support.


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